About OneDishWonder

OneDishWonder professes a new way of looking at fine dining that too in the comforts of your own homes. We bring freshly made food to your plates at affordable prices.

 The menu is designed to satisfy and spoil your palate for choice and variety. We don't employ cooks, we engage with sous chefs .... people who have soaked and perfected their culinary skills over many years at different places in India and abroad.

So who inspired us to do what we do? Well, it’s the ‘wonder’ woman herself, a mother! Just as a mother takes all the pain to choose the right kind of ingredients and cook it in a way that it keeps her kids healthy and active, we at OneDishWonder also strive to do the same for our customers!

What else is common with a mom? Well, we use different cooking oils in rotation, we slow cook food in Kadhais, we neither use masala gravies as curry bases nor do we use artificial colours. We have zero tolerance for things not fresh and do not use a refrigerator in our kitchen

Our Team

Avinash Chitnis

Avinash Chitnis, CEO, is a free spirited entrepreneur who understands the art of satisfying customers due to his previous service industry background. An outdoor enthusiast, Avi (as he is fondly called), loves running, trekking and swimming. He brings in his positivity and enthusiasm to this venture and strives to offer quality food to his customers.

Abhijit Khatu

Abhijit Khatu plunged into the business after a successful stint in software and working with giants like SAP, IBM. A thorough professional and a perfectionist, he brings in precision to the setup and is an astute observer of what works with the customers

Dr. Apurva Kakatkar

Dr. Apurva Kakatkar is a medico with a post-graduation degree in ICCU Care. Her professional expertise and her own experience as a mom powers her to pick up the right ingredients for the dishes. She plays a key role in running a ‘refrigerator less’ kitchen. And if you think that’s enough about this ‘wonder’ woman, not really because she also loves to trek, cycle and solve crosswords!

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